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    Papersdirect is not just a directory...

    Our purpose is to sell and deliver printed newspapers and magazines across the UK Your title, DELIVERED every day and every week is more valuable than any impulse purchase. Direct YOUR Readers, Retailers, Newsagents and Delivery agents to to grow your regular sales, every week and every month by becoming a PUBLISHER PARTNER

  • papersdirect will increase your circulation AND advertising revenue.


    All UK newspaper and Magazine titles are listed… Daily, Sunday, Regional and Local…even local weeklies can be selected by local editions variants, or twice weekly newspapers (indicated by * in their listing).


    By Region(UK), Frequency, Publisher and/or Distributor – All searchable (and TAGS for Counties) to allow Readers and Advertisers to search for local newspapers and magazines.


    All Magazine titles are listed by UK standard Categories & Sub-Categories, easy for readers to find specialist titles and discover related titles to buy regularly. Our DELIVERY PARTNERS are news specialists, just like you, and deliver your magazines 7 days a week and usually before they are on supermarket shelves being treated like a bar of chocolate, or posted to arrive several days later, but not at weekends.


    Please check that we have your basic details to help us to sell your titles – find one of your publications then SEARCH by clicking on PUBLISHER for a full listing

    • Title Name(s)
    • Region
    • Frequency
    • Price
    • Delivery Days – for local weekly newspapers
    • Editions* – Any variations such as local or regional editions (TV Guides are managed automatically)
    • Publication Contact Details – Address, Telephone Number & email address of that specific publication
    • Publisher Details as above – for large publishers, we can categorise your publications by region/company
    • BARCODES – Our data – prices, issue dates and cover issue, are automatically updated weekly – ONLY if you maintain your data!

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    Link this from your site / social media to your Publication (i.e. Radio Times)
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    Scans directly to your title
    i.e. Border Telegraph


    As a paid for publisher partner, we can also provide these additional services:

    • Detailed description with Facebook and Wikipedia links for each title in our ABOUT section
    • Add your titles to Facebook and Google – linking them directly to our shopping basket
    • ADD your QRCode to your publication and our DELIVERED logo to your site to take readers to our shopping basket
    • Affiliate links to your website – (not available with Basic Listing) –
    • Featured Product – highlight your titles at prime spots on our site
    • Cross- sells and Up-sells from one of your titles to the titles you want to “RECOMMEND”
    • Bundle Sales – discounting Multi-buys i.e discounted local newspaper when ordering daily newspaper
    • Basket & Checkout can be set to promote your free delivery offer/ subscription / other title
    • Partner Access – take orders directly from your readers with your Partner Access to this site – allowing you to track each of your salespeople or pay commission to your outbound sales team
    • Partner Portal – see every sale and every customer for your publications (ONLY)
    • Subscriptions – We can manage all aspects of your newspaper voucher subscription offer, including next day(ish) delivery AND downloadable content/ access to premium services – no more waiting to post out vouchers at great expense, and the option of digitising and fraud proofing your subscriptions
    • Advertisers – Create a direct link for advertisers and media companies to your Sales Team
    • Editorial Area – let your advertiser see your editorial area, rates and sister titles? – talk to us about your requirements.


    Here’s a few more things we’re working on – just like Facebook – we are always evolving

    • TRACK & TRACE – Our recommended delivery software allows you to check every delivery by time, proximity to delivery point and driver! – and will provide an exception report for any lateness or delivery failures
    • GEO – CODING – also in development , we are working on the ability for the site to pop up local weekly newspapers